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Kitty litter boxes featuring the SmartScoop Privacy Cover. Your cat will appreciate the privacy you provide while you can enjoy the easy to clean accessibility that this litter box hider provides.  A cat condo is a perfect retreat for your kitty. Cats enjoy using the cat condo for scratching and sleeping. Your favorite feline deserves to lounge in style and comfort.

Cordial Cat Furniture and Litter Boxes

Featuring the SmartScoop Privacy Cover. This litter box hider provides your cat with privacy and keeps an unsightly litter box from being an eye sore in your home. It is an attractive and functional option that your cat will thank you for. Kitty litter boxes can easily match your home decor with these new stylish options.

Cats enjoy their privacy, so putting a litter box in a place where it’s nice and quiet may encourage a cat to use his litter box if he keeps making a mess in the house. You might want to try different types of litter boxes, as there are quite a few types to go around – round, square, rectangular, hooded or non-hooded. Litter boxes come in metal and plastic varieties. The plastic ones come in nicer colors and a wider variety, but can stain easier and retain that smell. Metal ones are much simpler in form and color, but a little more durable. Many people don’t like the site of kitty litter boxes for aesthetic purposes. Luckily, now you can find many different styles choose from. One of these styles is the Mod Litter Box. It looks a bit like a fancy trash can rather than a litter box. There are also designer cat boxes that look more like furniture. The litter boxes are wide enough to allow the cat room to move, give him his privacy, and keeps the litter in one spot.